EURCAD: Trade closed with +360 pips

Note: Special give-away at the end of this post.

During our giveway week, we let our blog readers know about a very strong EURCAD demand level from Daily time frame. It was one of our Alpha setups which resulted in an Alpha trade. Read more about the setup here.

Well, we couldn’t post much updates last week as it was a busy one with all our new members of the month. There were several orientation calls and sessions. But, that doesn’t mean we weren’t trading. We hit our demand level on 22nd of April, 2016. There was no way we could have missed this trade opportunity.

This was one of those setups where literally EVERYONE at GYP had their pending orders ready Click To Tweet

So this is what happened after we went into the trade:


Look at that strong down bar that got us into the trade. It requires guts to trust your analysis, specially in situations that followed our trade. Four days, and we were still in an uncertain territory. Did we got out with chump change? no we didn’t! Instead we trusted our analysis and waited.

See what happened in next three days. Boom! 360 pips. Have a closer look on H4:


And a broader picture showing the start of this demand level:


And that’s not the end. There are 10s of similar Alpha setups formed, every month. It’s up to you to decide if you wish to ride the wave or keep looking for that EA that turns your $1k account to $1M within a week. Do you want consistent returns or do you want excitement? Do you wish to earn more money or do you wish to take more trades? Answers to these questions will tell you if you are really fit for trading.

These are the same questions we ask to our GYP members during orientation call. Because this is the first thing we wish to get straight in their heads. Forex trading is not about excitement or anxiety. It’s purely about making money. Do let us know if you agree with us in the comments section below. For the best comment, we will give 50% off, for life time. Yes! 50% off for as long as you are part of GYP.

Happy pips!

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