About Us


We are a motivated team of highly successful traders. We work in our proprietary platform to communicate with all members, individually. We have adopted a science backed strategy to transfer our knowledge. The strategy starts with the understanding of you as a person, your background, your schedule and your goals. We do this by asking you series of questions.

Once we have established an understanding, we fill the missing gaps in your knowledge about Forex trading and the underlying market. And then we ask you to re-evaluate your goals (if required). Then comes the trading strategies. We guide you with two highly effective strategies which are basis of our own trading as well. And we have hardly seen a month in negative.

Lastly, we provide signals on the opportunities that we feel we will trade. We don’t provide analysis to our old members. Instead we ask them to provide their take on it. New members obviously get full analysis. Once they are fluent, we welcome them to contribute in various roles.